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      基業長青 勇毅篤行





      Built to Last,Honor It with Courage and Perseverance

      History develops in time of changes and dreams are realized with unremitting endeavor.

      The business that Jingmao Real Estate strives for is a sacred undertaking of “creating a living homeland” and it is also a glorious undertaking of “engaging in urban construction”.

      During the past 11 years, Jingmao Group adhered to the road of green economy for sustainable development, steadily accelerated industrial upgrading, and succeeded in creating value. It has formed a industry layout of financial investment, construction, commercial operation, comprehensive trading, agricultural tourism, biotechnology, property management and labor export" as one. All pasts are prefaces. In the future, Jingmao will continue to inject its own DNA into the blueprint for corporate development and develop with the national economy. To confront with the future, everything is not easy, but we are together, with the expectation for change, the goodwill of reality, the persistence of values, the confidence to the country, and the love for this land.

      Through most of history, the world is always full of newness. Jingmao Real Estate holds a business attitude of honesty and responsibility, adheres to mission and pursuit of “promoting the improvement of customer's living quality and positively affecting urban development”. Be aggressive and bold, and finally realizes a high degree of unification of the values of companies, employees, and customers.



      地址:成都市高新區天府大道北段1700號環球中心W1區 2129


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